Zoom Installation

Zoom meeting software normally installs from the link provided for the meeting.

However, it is recommended you install the “Zoom Client for Meeting” in good time before any meeting. Once installed and working you should not need to install again.

You do not need video to join a zoom meeting, but can attend using audio only.

There are many devices that you can install Zoom on and all of them have slight differences. In the event of such as; a click through from the meeting link not working, you wish to prepare for a meeting and not risk struggling to install software, impact on other installed software etc, installing the software before a meeting can prevent you from missing it.

Below is an attempt to summaries the specific installations across multiple device. These are useful, but not definative.

Desktop Computer or Laptop

For Windows, Mac and Linux PC’s

  • Open the browser you normally use.
  • Goto https://zoom.us/download and this will inspect your machine and select downloads that maybe applicable to your PC.
  • Select the appropriate download. Normally only one client is available (if multiple and you are unsure what to do, you can pick the one marked “Zoom Client for Meetings” and this normally works (see 2)).
  • Run the installer (1)
  • After the installer has completed you will be asked to join a meeting. If installing, then close the application and it will be ready for when you receive an email link.


  1. For browsers such as Chrome and Edge the installer will download and you are normally given the opportunity to ruin the Zoom installer straight away. For other browsers such as Firefox, Safari and on a Mac, you will normally select a place to save the installer too. Once downloaded the Zoom installer, you will need to use your file explorer to navigate to the installer and run it.
  2. If you have other applications installed, such as browser extensions, Outlook, IBM Notes etc you maybe need to take advise from your IT support to decide how to use zoom. The method above will work, but may override previous zoom settings.
  3. If on Windows 10 you are unsure if Zoom is installed, then type in “Zoom” to the search bar and “Start Zoom” should appear as best match.
  4. Finally, there are plugins/extensions for browsers that can be used (Firefox and Chrome). Using these is outside of getting “Zoom” running as covered here. If you are using these, then this help is unlikely to be applicable to you.

Mobile Phone

For mobile smart phones  get zoom from the appropriate store, such as Google App Store.  Zoom is typically listed under “zoom cloud meeting”.


Most tablets have an app store. Zoom is most likely to be available in your app store under “zoom cloud meeting”

BEWARE: Video conferencing consumes large amounts of data and if you have limited data on your device consider connections to say a WIFI. It’s all to easy to run out of data or breach a fair use policy. However, if you are lucky enough to have a good phone signal, 4G or better and an unlimited data plan things may work just fine.